Pocketed Coil, Hybrid, & Innerspring Mattresses

Pocketed Coil

Also known as wrapped coils, encased coils, encased springs, or Marshall coils, pocketed springs are designed to provide proper support with exceptional suppression of motion transfer between sleeping partners. While traditional coil systems have springs that are wired together, springs in a pocketed spring system are individually wrapped in a fabric encasement to create separate springs. This design allows each pocketed spring to move independently, respond quickly to movement, and conform to the contours of your body.


Hybrid mattresses typically have the same size coils as innerspring mattresses, but they have more layers of different foams on top. The coil system enables the mattress to retain the bounciness that sleepers enjoy on innerspring mattresses, and the layers of foam create that unmistakable enveloping embrace. The coil system also gives hybrid mattresses a traditional mattress shape, as opposed to the straight lines and low profile of memory foam mattresses.  Hybrid mattresses are also compatible with adjustable bases, so consumers can enjoy the full comfort and support of their mattress whether they are sleeping, reading, watching tv, or just relaxing in bed. Since the coils inside the mattress are individually pocketed, there is no risk of damaging the coil system on an adjustable base.


Innerspring mattresses have wire coils as the support structure. An innerspring mattress has a strong border wire attached to the perimeter of the coils. The border wire supports the coils, helping to retain shape and reduce sagging. The edge is reinforced with specially shaped springs or foam to support the sleep surface right to the edge, to help prevent ‘rollout’ and edge breakdown. The upholstery is separated from the innerspring system by an insulator, tough padding, wire or netting layer that prevents the upholstery from sinking into the coils.  There are three different types of coils (listed below) used in traditional innerspring mattresses. Bonnell coils are the oldest and most common. First adapted from the buggy seat springs of the 19th century, they are still prevalent in mid-priced mattresses. Bonnell springs are a knotted, round-top, hourglass-shaped steel wire coil. When laced together with cross wire helicals, these coils form the simplest innerspring unit, also referred to as a Bonnell unit. Offset coils are an hourglass type coil on which portions of the top and bottom convolutions have been flattened. In assembling the innerspring unit, these flat segments of wire are hinged together with helical wires. The hinging effect of the unit is designed to conform to body shape. LFK coils are an unknotted offset coil with a cylindrical or columnar shape. A continuous coil is an innerspring configuration in which the rows of coils are formed from a single piece of wire. They work in a hinging effect similar to that of offset coils.

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